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Dog Liability Insurance – Adam Riese


Adam Riese is a fully online German insurance company whose mission is to offer insurances that are easy to comprehend. From both their website or application, you can submit an application for insurance, review your current policy, or submit a claim. Adam Riese’s website is completely in German, but you can use the Google translate extension on Chrome to easily translate the website. 

Adam Riese now offers Dog Liability insurance to their customers who reside throughout Germany. Prices for Adam Riese’s dog liability insurance start at 40.32€ per year or 3.36€ per month. This insurance will cover €15 million euro for their smallest plan, and €50 million euro for their largest plan. 

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Adam Riese’s  insurance allows you to choose a price point based on your personal needs and budget. They offer a XL insurance plan or a XXL insurance plan. You can also set your deductible from no deductible to 500€. Just keep in mind that your insurance cost will fluctuate accordingly. You will also receive a discount based on how frequently you pay. For instance, if you would like to pay monthly, you will receive no discount. But, if you would like to pay quarterly then you will receive up to a 3% discount, or if you would like to pay annually then you will receive a 10% discount. 

If you don’t know the breed of your dog, you can send a picture to Adam Riese at service@adam-riese.de and they will guess the breed of your dog based on key external characteristics. 

Fighting dogs or dogs listed on the dangerous list are not covered by this insurance company.

Prices start at 3.36 € per month or 40.32 € a year.

  • Covered amount starting at €15 million up to €50 million 
  • Optional deductible
  • Best performance guarantee for XXL plan
  • Anyone who is watching the dog
  • Claims against other dog owners – up to 500,000 for Victim protection in the event of personal injury and property damage caused by willful acts of violence
  • Legal protection for XXL plan – legal fees up to 500,000€ 
  • Failure coverage for XXL plan – Vet bills up to 3,000€
  • Puppies (up to 18 months for XXL plan)
  • Veterinarian costs are covered for accidents that happen to your dog (XXL plan)
  • Coverage extends abroad while traveling internationally
  • XXL tariff covers including legal protection for asserting default coverage, assumption of veterinary costs, costs for animal boarding for inpatient hospital or rehab stays as well as rescue and rescue costs.
  • Cancel coverage anytime


How to apply or Adam Reise Dog Liability Insurance: 

It only takes a few minutes to register. They will ask:

  1. The number of dogs you want to insure. (you can insure a maximum of 5 dogs)
  2. The bread of your dog.
  3. If you are working in the public service.
  4. Your age.
  5. If you’ve had another dog liability insurance in the past five years.
  6. Which insurance plan you prefer to choose.
  7. Your address.
  8. Your dog’s chip number. 
  9. For your payment details
  10. The start day of your insurance.

Tip: You can manage all your different types of insurance in an app, for example by CLARK, so you can see all your contracts at a glance. They currently offer a 30€ Amazon gift card if you add at least two contracts to their free app.