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Dog Liability Insurance – Getsafe


Getsafe is a German insurance provider that offers a fully digital insurance platform for an easy customer experience. You can quickly book insurance through their website or app. Once you’ve acquired insurance with Getsafe you can easily view your policy details or submit a claim. They’ve programmed a chatbot for common questions that is available 24/7. For more difficult questions, you can chat with the customer service team who is available on weekdays and can help you in both German and English. 


Getsafe’s Dog Liability insurance covers up to 20 million euro in damages or losses. Their insurance is offered to dog owners residing in Germany and extends during travel throughout the EU and beyond. Their extensive insurance covers the basics such as damages and losses incurred because of your dog. They also offer premium extension coverage for a personalized insurance plan based on your specific needs. 


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  • Coverage from €15 million up to €20 million 
  • Puppies up to 12 months old
  • Mating damages 
  • Damage to rented items or property
  • Injuries to people who do not live with the dog 
  • Anyone who watching the dog
  • Failure coverage – If another dog owner cannot pay for damages caused by their dog
  • Damage caused by the dog without a leash or muzzle/loop 
  • Coverage extends abroad while traveling internationally
  • Premium extensions are available
  • Cancel anytime



We like this insurance because the digital platform is easy to use, especially when submitting a claim. We also like that we can navigate the website and app in both German and in English. Getsafe also offers the terms and conditions of the policy in English, however the German version is legally binding. The price is on the lower end which is a huge bonus if you are on a budget, however coverage is not as comprehensive as others on the market and many breeds are excluded.



If you’re interested in getting your personalized quote, you can visit Getsafe’s website through this link. The website will prompt you through a series of questions and provide a quote immediately.

The monthly cost of dog liability insurance is based on five factors: your deductible, your age, the number of dogs to be insured, the number of previous claims and the size of your dog.



  • File a claim anytime using the GetSafe app
  • 1. ​Go to app
  • 2. Click on the “Claims” button in the navigation
  • 3. You will now see our Claim Centre
  • 4. Tap on “File a claim”
  • 5. Carla picks up your claim and guides you through the process
  • Check app to view terms and conditions and coverage
  • Provide proof of damage or loss incurred. Exchange contact information with those affected “claimants” or witnesses who can help verify the claim. 
  • Keep receipts of insured items