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Gas Providers

Use our convenient calculator by Check24 to compare virtually all gas providers in Germany!

Type in the following information to get gas quotes for your area and your individual consumption. Then, select your current contract in order to compare other providers to your current conditions.

Postleitzahl: ZIP code

Verbrauch: Your expected consumption in kWh

Nur Biogas- oder Klimatarife: Do you want gas exclusively from sustainable sources? (Ja=Yes, Nein=No)

Nutzung: Usage, Privat=Private / Gewerblich=Business

Bonus einberechnen: Include bonuses in calculation

Important terms:

Sofortbonus: A one-time bonus paid in cash within the first three months.

Neukundenbonus: A bonus that is paid or credited towards your bill after you have been a customer for 12 consecutive full months.

Preisfixierung: A guarantee for a certain price per kilowatt hour for a certain time.

Vertragslaufzeit: Minimum contract time.

Kündigungsfrist: Notice period to cancel the contract.

Vertragsverlängerung: Time by which the contract is extended if you do not cancel the minimum contract time.