Supplemental Dental Insurance

What is German Supplemental Dental Insurance?

Supplemental dental insurance is also known as “Zahnzusatzversicherung” in german. This is an additional insurance that you will purchase on top of your public insurance. With this insurance you will have extensive dental insurance that covers costly procedures that are not covered by the basic public dental insurance. Supplemental dental insurance typically covers major dental procedures such as porcelain crowns, bridges, braces, root canals, etc. 

Dental InsuranceStarting fromMinimum Premium for No Deductible
Ottonova – Dental Insurance€8.73 / month€20.01 / month
MAXCARE – Dental Insurance€17.00 / month€24.00 / month
Hallesche – Dental Insurance€10.90 / month€23.90 / month
Nürnberger – Dental Insurance€15.50 / month€23.50 / month
Feather – Dental Insurance€9.00 / month€25.80 / month
Gothaer – Dental Insurance€19.50 / month€29.20 / month
DFV – Dental Insurance€16.00 / month€31.50 / month
A list of private German dental insurances. Premiums are calculated for a 30-year old person, see the Minimum Premium for No Deductible (100% coverage) for comparability. Add your dental insurance to CLARK for free to have all your insurances in one place.

Which types of dental work is typically covered by German public insurance?

Basic dental procedures are covered by German public dental insurance. 

  • Two annual check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Basic fillings 
  • Limited major dental work


Why should I get supplemental dental insurance?

If you anticipate needing coverage for procedures beyond the items stated above, it is highly recommended to purchase supplemental dental insurance. We said “anticipate needing” because most insurances require a waiting period.

For example, if an insurance company requires an 8 month waiting period, then you must wait 8 months from the day you take out the insurance until the day you receive the procedure. The procedure alone can get quite pricey whereas dental insurance will only cost you about 9€ per month.