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Dog Liability Insurance – Luko


Prices starting at €5.99 / month

Luko is a German insurance provider. Through their digital insurance platform, you can fully manage your insurances via a web browser or app. We like Luko because they breakdown all insurances in English, they have a super-friendly and quick responding customer service team, and best of all you can manage your insurance digitally.

Luko offers Dog Liability Insurance to all dog breeds. If your looking for coverage for a cat or another small animal, this is typically covered by Private Liability Insurance – learn more about Luko’s offerings here. Read more about dog liability insurance below.

The Key Benefits:

  • Coverage up to 30€ million
  • All dog breeds are covered
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Damage caused by the insured dog without a leash or muzzle/loop is covered
  • Add insurance “toppings” as desired for comprehensive coverage
  • Cancel anytime  
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Luko offers dog liability coverage to all dog breeds. You can also purchase add-ons to extend your coverage offerings depending on your dog liability insurance needs.

You can apply for Luko insurance in English on their website. By using our exclusive link, you can get a 15 € discount for your first 12 months with Luko.

Below we’ve broken down what is covered, the pricing and how to apply.

What is covered?

  • Coverage up to 30€ million
  • Medical injuries
  • Broken items 
  • Financial loss
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Damage to rented, borrowed or leased land, buildings, apartments, rooms and spaces in buildings
  • Damage to movable furnishing in temporary accommodation
  • Damage to land or property that is caused by the insured dog 
  • Damage caused by the insured dog without a leash or muzzle/loop (Claims due to pure financial losses are excluded)
  • Coverage for bad debt losses
  • Damage caused during participation in lessons, events, or preparation for events
  • Breeding damage
  • Crop damage
  • Guide dogs without a leash or muzzle/loop
  • Private use of the dogs as therapy, assistance, rescue or search dogs


You can also add-on 3 different “toppings” for extra coverage. These “toppings” include: 

  • Rented or borrowed goods (limited up to 5,000€)
  • Dog bites by another dog to insured dog. (limited up to 500€ for vet expenses)
  • Premium toppings:
    • Best performance guarantee. This topping will allow you to get the coverage with Luko for benefits from different insurance companies that are not typically covered by Luko.
    • Exemption from premium payments during unemployment. 
    • Replacement value reimbursement up to 5,000€ for items up to 1-year-old.

How to book your dog liability insurance: 

Get your offer by clicking on this link. After answering a few questions you will receive a personalized quote. 


1.  What’s your date of birth? 

2. What’s your dog’s name?

3. Which breed is your dog? (you can insure any breed with Luko) 

4. Did the previous insurer cancel your dog liability contract?

5. How many dog liability claims have you had in the previous three years?

How the price of insurance is calculated: 

Pricing starts at 5.99€/month. Your insurance cost will be calculated based on a number of factors that are determined by your responses to the questions asked while obtaining the quote. You can also choose add-ons depending on your preferences to extend your coverage which will increase the price. 

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Cats and other small animals are covered under your personal liability insurance – learn more about Luko’s Private Liability Insurance here.


You can manage all your different types of insurance in an app, for example by CLARK, so you can see all your contracts at a glance. They currently offer a 30€ Amazon gift card if you add at least two contracts to their free app.