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German bank accounts online

It is often necessary to open up a German bank account, even if you already have a European one. And it is not even difficult: Many banks offer convenient online banking and banking apps for your smartphone, making your personal banking completely paperless. In case you are having trouble understanding the German technical terms, just read our explanations about German banking. Some banks even offer an English user interface, find out which ones!

Insurances in Germany

Many people need to buy a new insurance policy when they come to Germany. Apart from the standard policies, such as health insurance or car insurance, there are many other German insurance policies that do not even exist in other countries. Some of these products can be very useful: Have you heard of Haftpflichtversicherung, Hausratversicherung and Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung? If not, just read our English explanation of the terms and why they could be useful for you.

Tax Report in Germany

Anyone who has to file a German tax report is complaining about the highly complicated process of the Steuererklärung. If you are working in Germany and are not speaking German, it is quite a problem, because all forms are in German only. However, together with our partner Germantaxes.de we can offer you a tax service in English, which handles your German tax report and even submits it directly to the Finanzamt (local tax office). Try it for free!

overview german credit cards

It is always convenient to pay with a credit card and there are several banks in Germany that offer free mastercards, VISA cards, or even American Express. Some banks also offer Google Pay and Apple Pay, making it possible to pay with your phone. In our overview, you will find out about possible fees and what to look out for when choosing your credit card.


You may still have your foreign credit card, which you can use in Germany, but ordering a German credit card can save you exchange fees and many banks offer free VISA or Mastercard credit card accounts.

The Girokonto (Checking Account) is the most common account in Germany and most needed in everyday life. Many stores do not accept credit cards, only debit cards, which are connected to a Girokonto. Many banks offer free checking accounts, but choose wisely, because there could be fees for cash withdrawals at third party ATMs.

Liability insurances are popular and important in Germany, some are also legally required. Others are not obligatory, but very useful in a case of damage. If you want to know what Privathaftpflichtversicherung, Vollkaskoversicherung or Tierhalterhaftpflichtversicherung is about, then read more in our insurance section.

Health insurance is legally required in Germany, but apart from the legal minimum coverage there are a couple of optional supplement insurances. Some of these are always recommended, others can be useful in certain personal situations.

Especially German banking offers many different products with different fees and perks. Our overview provides detailed information about some attractive products.