Product Overview

Privathaftpflicht (1 YEAR) / Private Liability – Nürnberger Versicherung


The Nürnberger Privathaftpflichtversicherung can easily be booked online and you can choose between 2 tariffs. This German insurance company offers a personal support service via phone or face to face, where they help you with all insurance claims and other questions you might have.

  • Sum insured €10 million or €50 million
  • Personal customer support
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Extra insurances can be booked in addition
Damage Coverage

€10 million – €50 million

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The exact pricing depends on how many people you want to cover with your private liability insurance and whether you work as a freelancer, for the state (öffentlicher Dienst/Beamter) or for an employer. To find out your monthly fee, you can click the red button Jetzt berechnen on the homepage. Once you click Angebot anfordern, you will be offered the most suitable tariff for your needs.

What is covered by Nürnberger’s private liability insurance?

With this German private liability insurance, you can choose between 2 different tariffs: Kompakt and Komfort. Both tariffs include: coverage in case of damage to people, property and finances (sum covered with the Kompakt tariff €10 million, sum covered with the Komfort tariff €50 million), insurance coverage during stays abroad within Europe, private damage caused by the use of the internet, damage caused by underaged children (sum covered with the Kompakt tariff €10,000, sum covered with the Komfort tariff €500,000), voluntary work, work as daycare staff, pets, heating oil and fluid tanks and loss of private keys. In addition to that, the Komfort tariff includes: coverage in case of damage to rented or borrowed vehicles and part time jobs you do on the side.

With any tariff, you can also book further insurances in addition: Komfort Plus, Haus- und Grundbesitzer Haftpflicht (house and estate owner private liability), Tierhaftpflicht (animal owner private liability (dogs and horses)), water sports private liability and Diensthaftpflicht (for state officials).

The Nürnberger Privathaftpflichtversicherung offers a new special to their clients: when you book the Komfort tariff, drones (up to 5kg), model airplanes and model helicopters (up to 500g) are covered as well.

The Kompakt tariff for singles currently costs €45.12 per year, for families €75.29 per year. The Komfort tariff for couples costs €92.28 per year, for single parents €109.06 per year.

Personal customer service

The Nürnberger Privathaftpflichtversicherung also offers a personal support service to their customers. You can either locate an advisor near to your home on the homepage and make an appointment with him or you can call the phone service: +49 (0) 911 5315 (Monday-Friday from 7am-9pm, Saturday from 8am-6pm). Furthermore, you can download the company’s terms and conditions on their homepage, along with further information. They also have a video online, where any important information is presented to you within a few minutes.