Product Overview

Privathaftpflicht (1 YEAR) / Private Liability – getsafe


Getsafe is a new insurance provider, which provides a fully digital way of booking your insurance. You can get covered within minutes by just following the online step-by-step tutorial while selecting your preferred plan. The getsafe private liability insurance (Privathaftpflicht) covers the following:

  • Private liability damages
  • Lost keys (from a third party)
  • Loss of receivables (the person who damaged your belongings does not have an insurance)
  • Damages incurred during voluntary work
  • Coverage in all of Europe and world-wide coverage up to 5 years
  • Optional: House guests, Family members, life partner, spouse and children
  • Optional: Drone damages

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Damage Coverage

€15 million

How to book your insurance

In order to book the insurance plan you need, just follow the instructions online.  You need to provide your name, e-mail address, date of birth, and how many liability cases you had in the past 3 years. You can then select your deductible and when you want the insurance to come into effect.


Getsafe’s standard private liability insurance rate is 4,70€ per month, which amounts to 56,40€ per year. This standard plan has no deductible per liability case. If you choose a higher deductible, your monthly rates will increase (see below).

You can decide how much of a deductible you would prefer, which affects the monthly fee for the insurance:

No Deductible (0.00€) – 4,70€/month | 56,40€/year

Deductible of 150€ – 3,50€/month | 42,00€/year

Deductible of 300€ – 3,30€/month | 39,60€/year

Deductible of 500€ – 3,11€/month | 37,32€/year

Deductible of 1000€ – 2.80€/month | 33.60€/year


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