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Home Contents Insurance – Lemonade


Lemonade is an American based insurance provider that offers insurance in Germany in English. They use artificial intelligence to offer you individualized coverage. The price per month starts at 2€ (24€ per year), but depends on where you live and which add-ons you book.

You can apply for Lemonade insurance in English by using the link below. 

The Key Benefits: 

  • Get insurance and file claims from Smartphone App
  • Easy to understand open source policy
  • Instant quotes based on your personal needs
  • Immediate coverage
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Up to 200,000 € worth of contents covered per event
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How to get your Lemonade insurance: 

Click on the link above. When you arrive at the home screen click on the “Check Our Prices” button. Lemonade’s artificial intelligence chatbot, named Maya, will ask you a few questions before giving you a quote. 

    1. Click on “Check Our Prices” 
    2. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions:
      • What is your German address?
      • Do you live in an apartment, single-family house, or Duplex?
      • What is the approximate size of your home?
      • Do you have a burglar alarm or a security camera?
      • Who lives in your home? (your partner and children will be covered by your plan, not roommates)
      • How many insurance claims have you filed in the past 3 years?
      • What is your date of birth?
    3. You will then receive your quote. Once you receive your quote you have the option to make customizations for maximum coverage and add-on items that are over the individual value limit. 


What is Covered: 

With the basic plan, home contents are covered while in your home and while you’re traveling (if the trip is less than 3 months). All individual items less than 5,000 € are automatically covered. Higher value items will need to be added to your policy and approved by the Lemonade team. Overall, a maximum of 200,000 € worth of contents is covered per event. Lemonade will also cover the cost of temporary accommodations and expenses up to 50,000 € in total for all events occurring within 12 consecutive policy months due to any of the covered scenarios below. 

The basic plan covers:

  • Burglary and Vandalism 
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Windstorms and Hail
  • Water Damage caused by burst pipes or a leaking appliance 



The following add-ons can be added for an additional cost

      • High-value items: You have the option to add additional items that are valued over 5,000 €. This can include high-value items like jewelry, bicycles, cameras, portable electronics, music gear, clothing, etc. To cover items worth more than 5,000 € each for their full value, you’ll need to have them approved.
      • Anti-Theft: Theft is when someone steals your things without illegally breaking into your home of threatening violence, i.e. outside of your home. Theft is not covered under your basic policy, but you’ll be fully protected with the Lemonade anti-theft package. 
      • Extreme Weather: Damage caused by extreme weather, including lightning, floods, weather-related backwater, earthquakes, subsidence, landslides, snow pressure, avalanches, or volcanic eruptions are not included in your basic policy, but it will be covered by the extreme weather package. 


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You can manage all your different types of insurance in an app, for example by CLARK, so you can see all your contracts at a glance. They currently offer a 30€ Amazon gift card if you add at least two contracts to their free app.