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Mastercard Gold – TF Bank


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TF Bank Mastercard Gold has no opening fee or annual fee, however the interest rates are comparatively high. But as long as you pay on time, there are no fees.

  • No opening fee
  • No annual fee
  • Free invoice delivery
  • Free use internationally
  • No foreign currency charge
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Credit Card Type

Revolving Credit Card

Cash Withdrawal

22.96% p.a. on withdrawal amount

Foreign Currency Payment

No fee

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This German credit card by TF Bank is a revolving credit card with no annual fee. It is up to the customer whether to repay the invoice in one amount or in instalments. The minimum repayment amount is 3.00 percent of the drawn amount and is at least 30 Euro per month. The credit limit depends on the creditworthiness and the interest-free payment period for purchases of goods is 51 days. After this period the TF Bank charges interest. The nominal interest rate for purchases of goods is 19.90 percent and will be invoiced when the interest-free payment period of 51 days is exceeded. In the case of cash withdrawals from cash machines, the debit interest is 22.96 per cent per annum from the first day.

  • No fees for use abroad
  • Nominal interest rate for purchases of goods 19.39% p.a. (Effektiver Jahreszins) (only when paid after more than 51 days)
  • Nominal interest for cash withdrawals 22.96% p.a. (Effektiver Jahreszins)

Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported with the TF Bank Mastercard Gold. They also offer a new TF Bank mobile app to check your expenses and your limit.

In order to receive the TF Bank Mastercard Gold, new customers must complete and submit an online form. The credit card will be sent a few days later by post together with an activation form. This letter must be signed and returned by the customer, together with a copy of their ID. The legitimation check is carried out on the basis of the ID copies – not via POSTIDENT or video procedures.