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Telekom Magenta Zuhause

This offer by Deutsche Telekom includes internet access at your home and a fixed phone line. Choose between the packages S, M and L. The difference between these packages is merely the internet connection speed (and the price):

  • S: 16 MBit/s Download-Speed | 2,4 MBit/s Upload-Speed
  • M: 50 MBit/s Download-Speed | 10 MBit/s Upload-Speed
  • L: 100 MBit/s Download-Speed | 40 MBit/s Upload-Speed

Monthly fee for MagentaZuhause S after 6 months: 34.95€

Monthly fee for MagentaZuhause M after 6 months: 39.95€

Monthly fee for MagentaZuhause L after 6 months: 44.95€

The minimum contract term is 24 months and will renew itself for additional 12 months if not cancelled at least one month before the contract ends.

All of the Telekom Magenta Zuhause packages include flat rate internet (no data limit) and a fixed phone line at home with a flat rate for calling other German fixed lines. Calls to mobile numbers will be charged extra at 0.19€/minute. For free calls to German mobile numbers, select the Allnet-option for additional 4€/month (only for package S and M).

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Summary of the key terms:

MagentaZuhause S costs 19.95 euros / month in the first 6 months, then 34.95 euros / month.

MagentaZuhause M costs 19.95 euros / month in the first 6 months, then 39.95 euros / month.

MagentaZuhause L costs 19.95 euros / month in the first 6 months, then 44.95 euros / month.

A flat rate for calls into all networks (also mobile networks) within Germany can be booked for additional 4€ per month (only for package S and M).

MagentaZuhause S Allnet costs 38.95 euros / month from the beginning of the contract term.

MagentaZuhause M Allnet costs 43.95 euros / month from the beginning of the contract term.

Offer valid until 04.09.2018 for broadband new customers who had no broadband connection at Telekom in the last 3 months.

Prerequisite is a suitable router.

If hardware (router) is ordered: plus shipping costs in the amount of 6.95 euros.

One-time provision price for new telephone connection 69.95 euros.

Minimum contract term MagentaZuhause 24 months.

MagentaZause S is available in almost all connection areas.

Individual bandwidth depending on availability.

If ordered online, MagentaZuhause broadband new customers will receive an additional discount of 45€ until 29.03.2018, which will be credited as a lump sum on one of the next phone bills. A cash payment is not possible.

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