Product Overview

Checking Account – Vivid


Vivid is a checking account that allows you to create multiple separate pockets under one account. They support Apple Pay and Google Pay, with secure and instant payments. Their mobile banking app interface is in English. The banking app is accessible by simply entering your mobile number and a link is sent for you to download directly to your phone. They allow you to custom make your card according to your preferences. Vivid allows you to purchase different currencies in advance which helps you save money on exchange rates. Spend abroad with no extra fee charges, anywhere in the world. 

Key Benefits:

  • Use one Vivid card for any pocket and connect it to use as your main account
  • Up to 15 free separate accounts (pockets) with separate IBANs
  • Transfer money between pockets for free, no limitations
  • No additional charge on money spent or withdrawn abroad
  • Supports up to 100 different currencies for payment
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Vivid is a new neo-bank in Germany with a „digital-first“ approach. Their „pockets feature“ is one of the simplest and reliable methods to organise and keep track of your spending savings. Pockets can be used as different separate accounts to save money for your personal use, travel expenditure, make payments in different currencies and make you money on trading. Money transfer between pockets is absolutely free, just drag and drop between pockets, any amount you want. Payments through separate pockets are accurate and correctly distinguished even in different currencies. Vivid identifies the correct pocket to make payment from and in the right currency. They allow you to closely monitor your subscriptions and how much they cost, and choose which ones to cancel or update. They offer virtual cards which are just as convenient as physical cards.

Vivid allows you to withdraw up to €1,000 absolutely free, anything above that is charged a small minimal fee which is used for their maintenance cost. Their users get a current account and a debit card. Vivid users can manage their money from the mobile app. The physical card does not feature any identification details/information; there’s no card number, expiry date or CVV (Card Verification Value) number, which makes it very safe and secure, you have to access the mobile app to see those details. You can lock and unlock your card with the mobile app. They provide a deposit protection guarantee of up to €100,000. You can trade your cash for precious metals with Vivid, also a form of wealth protection and investment. With Vivid you earn when you trade, and make profits. They offer a Free Premium Account for one month


  • You can use this account to trade stocks as well
  • Easily organise your finances by using the 15 pockets that each have their own IBAN
  • Custom make your card according to your preferences
  • Virtual card enabled
  • Allows multiple members to share one pocket together while giving you control of accessibility and activities
  • Free Premium Account subscription for one month
  • Get a current account and a debit card
  • Withdraw up to €1,000 absolutely free
  • Spend abroad with no extra fee charges
  • Buy different currencies in advance and save money on exchange rates
  • Monitor and manage your subscriptions
  • Manage your money from the mobile app
  • Access affordable and reliable insurances
  • Get real-time updates on transactions and account activities



The types of accounts: Vivid offers two types of accounts: Vivid Standard and Vivid Prime. We’ve outlined all two accounts below, but here’s a quick overview:

With every account you will get:

  • All new users get a Free prime account subscription valid for one month
  • DE banking account for Free
  • Multiple Pocket accounts: Up to 15 separate SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)-supported IBANs
  • Durable and secure metal card
  • Free payments around the world
  • Free money transfers
  • No charge on direct debits
  • Analytics and insights on spending and budgeting
  • No limits on exchange
  • Deposit protection guarantee of up to €100,000
  • No contact payments all free and secure
  • Highly secured card details
  • Free delivery with top up of €200 on your card, alternative delivery is just €9.90
  • 24/7 online support to assist you anytime


Vivid Standard Account (No monthly maintenance fee):

Vivid Standard is their free account plan with zero charges for sign up. This is a great account to begin with if you are looking to familiarise yourself with their mobile banking services.

For Vivid Standard Account:

  • No subscription charge, absolutely free forever
  • Supports up to 40 different currencies for separate pockets
  • Up to €20 refund on sum spent on purchases
  • Single free trade per month
  • Exchange up to 40 currencies in real time exchange rate
  • Global cash withdrawal of up to €200 per month
  • Get one card free per year, spend €9.90 for each additional card
  • Only plastic card available


Vivid Prime Account (€9.90 per month):

Vivid Prime Account is their paid plan account with a free subscription valid for one month. It comes with more additional features and upgrades. If you choose to proceed with the Vivid Prime Account after one month, a payment of €9.90 per month after is required. If not paid, you will only have access to their Vivid Standard Account free plan, but your metal card acquired with the Vivid Prime Account plan will remain working as usual. Paid plan starts after you confirm your subscription.

For Vivid Prime Account:

  • Free subscription valid for one month
  • Spend €9.90 per month for subscription renewal
  • Supports up to 106 different currencies for separate pockets
  • Up to €100 refund on sum spent on purchases
  • Up to 10% refund on popular brands
  • 0.1% refund on every other purchases
  • 1% total refund (cashback) on all purchases made outside of Europe
  • No limit on free trade
  • Exchange up to 100 currencies in real time exchange rate
  • Global cash withdrawal of up to €1000 per month
  • 3% refund (cashback) on all purchases in restaurants and cafes outside of Europe
  • Access to Free virtual card
  • Get one card every six months for free, any additional cards will cost you €9.90
  • Get metal and personalized cards



Set up an account in just five minutes with the following easy steps. All you are required to do is to enter your phone number and they’ll send you an invite link via SMS. Their app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store and can be downloaded there.

  • Click here and enter your phone number
  • Get your invite link to download the app and join
  • Download the Vivid app from Google Play or App Store