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American Express – Payback


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  • No yearly fee
  • No shipping fee
  • Free 24 hour phone support (+49 (0) 69 9797-1000 )
  • Free billing
  • Free second card

The special perk of this credit card is the collection of Payback points with every purchase, except at gas stations. Payback points are loyalty points which are usually collected at all partner companies, but with this American Express Payback card, it does not matter if the store is a Payback partner store or not.

The 10 minute registration process can be done online, you will only need to identify yourself either via an online service or via PostIdent, which is a check of your passport at a local post office.

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Credit Card Type

Charge Credit Card

Cash Withdrawal

4% (min. 5€)

Foreign Currency Payment

2% of the amount

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American Express Germany

  • Earn 1 Payback loyalty point for every 2 Euro spent anywhere and earn the normal Payback points when shopping at partner shops. 100 Payback points are worth 1€.

Additional advantages of the American Express card include these services (provided by the partner insurances):

  • extended return policy (90 days) for your purchases (min. value of purchase 30€, max. value 300€ per purchase, 1.200€ per year), certain exclusions apply.
  • free global travel information and support service (visa regulation information, required vaccinations information, referral of English-speaking hospitals or doctors)
  • shipping of forgotten prescriptions, urgent medicine, glasses or contact lenses (if broken during your travels) from your home address to your current address abroad

Other terms:

  • max. cash withdrawal: 750€/7 days
  • in case of a card abuse through no fault of one’s own, the max. liability amount is 50€
  • if your billing amount cannot be paid in time, American Express charges a fee (base rate plus 5%) after the first admonition and 8€ for every following admonition

This credit card is a good choice, if you plan to use it for payments in Germany or a country that has the Euro, because the foreign currency fee is quite high (2% of your purchase amount). It is also not advisable to withdraw cash with the American Express card, because it will cost you a fee of 4% of the withdrawal amount (minimum 5 Euro).

Please refer to the original American Express contract terms for the complete list of services and fees.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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