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Checking Account – Nuri


Nuri, formerly known as Bitwala, is the pioneer of the cryptocurrency bank account. Nuri is a FinTech Bank that provides a platform that enables people to manage and grow their finances. It makes savings and investing possible by providing its customers with all financial platforms under a single roof, and from it, you can get 24/7 access to cryptocurrencies.


How will you benefit?

  • 24/7 access to cryptocurrencies
  • A one-stop portfolio that enables you to track and manage all your investments.
  • One-click access to cryptocurrencies transactions: buying, sending, and requesting.
  • Direct access to your investments.
  • Free brand new Visa debit card for new and existing customers.
  • Free mobile App on Appstore and Playstore in English.
  • Limitless free ATM withdrawals worldwide.
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Nuri Banking App

Nuri is an App that is user-friendly and available in both English and German.

It’s FREE to download and operates in Androids and iOS systems. With the  Nuri app, you receive personalised push notifications about your recent transactions. The app has a 3D secure for extra fraud protection and extra verification.

Other advantages of the App include:

  • Fee-free banking
  • It allows its users to grow wealth and invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • You have the option of selecting between beginner or advanced crypto wallets.
  • Bitcoin to Euro calculator.
  • Earn up to 5% interest from your bitcoin.
  • Direct price notification to your phone.
  • Buy a recurring amount of bitcoin on your own schedule.
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawal globally.
  • The App allows a user to lock and unlock a Visa Debit card anytime.


Requirement for opening an Account.

Account opening is FREE, takes a few minutes to open, and can be done at your comfort through the web app or mobile app. Verification is done within 24 hours and through a video call in the Nuri App.

Details you need to open your account include;

  • First and last name.
  • Email Address
  • Country of Residence
  • Citizenship
  • Birthdate
  • Birthplace
  • Employment status
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Terms & Conditions apply


Nuri Cryptocurrency Account

With the Cryptocurrency platform from Nuri, you can start saving and also trade. It has a feature that alerts you anytime the cryptocurrency adjusts by 5%. It is equipped with a price chart that gives a real-time update on investments. Nuri currently offers Bitcoin and Ethereum as the only cryptocurrencies.

The platform provided by Nuri makes it swift to deposit and withdraw as little as €10 anytime. There is no minimum investment period and an account holder can deposit and withdraw at any time. There is a weekly payout one every Monday with interests. There is a FREE cashout that goes straight to your wallet. All residents of the European economic area can open a Nuri Cryptocurrency account.


How to Buy Bitcoin and/or Ethereum

  • Once you have signed up to Nuri, click on “Buy Bitcoin”/”Ethereum” and follow the outlined steps.
  • Top up by adding funds to activate your account.
  • Go to the trading area and confirm your transaction. The Bitcoin/ Ethereum you buy will reflect on your account.
  • Your account will be ready instantly for trading.


What offers do you get from Nuri?

Nuri has plenty to offer, Account holders get free account management including a Visa debit card and a guarantee of up to a Euro (€) 100,000 deposit. With Nuri, you can make SEPA transactions in Euro and set up standing orders.

Nuri allows you to access cryptocurrencies through savings and 24/7 trading and earn up to 5% interest per year on your bitcoin. To make it even more convenient for its customers, Nuri offers a free crypto tax report. Nuri user account currently supports Euro payments and account users will be updated once other currencies are added to the platform.


Nuri Pricing.

Just like any other financial service provider, Nuri has a price on it from as low as €0.00. The services they provide and their fees are listed below;


Banking services


  • Account management.
  • Incoming and outgoing SEPA transfer
  • Card payment in £ and other currencies in SEPA Area.


Cryptocurrency services


  • Sending and receiving cryptocurrency. 


1% of transaction volume

  • Buying and selling cryptocurrency with crypto wallets and vaults.


Other services

  • Initial ordering card in Germany: Free


  • Ordering replacement cards: € 9.50 



  • Investigation orders.
  • Postal bank statement.



  • High deposit fee



  • Only the residents of the European Economic zone are able to open an account with Nuri.
  • The only available trading currency at the moment is Euro.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only cryptocurrencies available.