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Home Contents Insurance – Getsafe


Getsafe is an insurance provider based in Heidelberg, Germany. They were founded in 2015 with a vision to provide insurance with a “mobile-first” priority,  allowing customers to manage insurance via mobile app. Customers are able to obtain insurance, file claims, and adjust coverage from their smartphones. Getsafe is reinsured by Munich Re. 

You can view information on their offerings in both English and German. 

The Key Benefits of a getsafe home contents insurance: 


  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Get insurance from the Smartphone App
  • File claims from Smartphone App and chatbot
  • Flexible plans
  • Underinsurance waiver
  • Immediate coverage
  • Zero paperwork
  • Waiver of a plea of gross negligence
  • Daily cancellation
  • English and German customer service 
  • Easily access and change offering online
  • Extensive coverage – home contents belonging to you and the members of your household
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What is covered with getsafe


Insured Risks

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Storm and Hail 
  • Burglary and Robbery 


Insured Things

  • Furnishings, clothing, household objects
  • Valuables – up to 30% of the sum insured
  • Cash (outside the safe) – up to 1,500€



  • Gross negligence
  • Underinsurance waiver
  • Daily cancellation
  • Your household contents are also insured outside your home, e.g. during travels in a hotel room up to 6 months.


How to get your Getsafe insurance: 

This process should take about 5 minutes. Click on  “Get it now” and answer the following questions. Each question comes with an explanation. They quickly provide a quote by analyzing your data, using artificial intelligence. When filling out the questions you can navigate back and forth to modify your request.


  1. How many contents claims did you file for in the last 5 years?
  2. What is the size of your living space?
  3. What is your ZIP code?
  4. Accept or change the recommended sum based on a standard value of 650€/sqm
  5. Would you like to include your roommates (shared flat) in your insurance? (Your partner and children are covered)
  6. Do you want a deductible in the amount of 0, 150, 300, 500€? (Insurance premiums are cheaper when they involve higher deductibles)
  7. When should your insurance coverage start?
  8. Do you want extensions, i. e. extended coverage? Premium contents, glass contents, legal insurance → see “Add-ons section” below
  9. What’s your name?
  10. What’s your gender?
  11. Where do you live? Please enter the address of the home to be insured.
  12. What’s your date of birth?
  13. What’s your email address?
  14. Please enter the address of the home to be insured. The house/apartment is permanently inhabited. It is your main/second home and not a holiday apartment.
  15. Choose your payment method; you can choose to pay by direct debit, credit card, and soon with PayPal 




Premium contents add-on for 1.37€/month

What is insured?

  • Extended external insurance up to 12 months – your household contents are also insured outside the insured  home, e.g. during travels in a hotel room or your temporary residence during your semester abroad, worldwide
  • Higher valuables coverage, up to 40% of the sum insured, if stored in a safe with admitted prevention standard
  • Damage caused by phishing, i.e. you are covered up to 3,000€ if fraudsters access your data via fake websites or web shops (so-called identity theft)
  • Valuables outside approved safes: cash up to 3,000€, jewellery up to 30,000€, saving books up to 15,000€


Glass contents add-on for 2.48€/ month

Mirrors, glazed furniture, aquariums, your electric hob… are not covered by the basic protection. This extension steps in if damage due to glass breakage occurs.

What is insured?

  • Damage or destruction from glass breakage – as a result of an insured event that is covered by household insurance
  • Building and furniture glazing of the insured dwelling
  • Glass, plastic, plexiglass, and acrylic panels
  • Glazing of garden and tool sheds (up to a size of 15sqm)
  • Glass panes of aquariums,  terrariums, and conservatories
  • Glass and profile building blocks
  • Disposal costs
  • Costs for emergency glazing and emergency cladding


Legal insurance add-on for 3.99€/ month

This add-on ensures that you can protect your legal interests and cover the associated costs. If you have legal questions and disputes, you will receive professional support and financial coverage. You can include your life partner/spouse in the protection.

What is insured?

  • Conflicts with your landlord;  i.e. legal support regarding e. g. rent reduction, deposit or utility costs.
  • Conflicts with your neighbors; i.e. legal support in the event of legal disputes arising from the housing situation
  • Conflicts with property management; i.e. legal support if legal disputes arise, for example on the subject of house rules.
  • Conflicts about the photovoltaic system; i.e. legal support when legal disputes arise in connection with the acquisition, installation, and operation of environmentally friendly photovoltaic systems


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You can manage all your different types of insurance in an app, for example by CLARK, so you can see all your contracts at a glance. They currently offer a 30€ Amazon gift card if you add at least two contracts to their free app.