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Commerzbank Credit Card

Step-by-Step Guide

Click here to read our English step-by-step guide how to open a Commerzbank bank account for free.

  • PremiumKreditkarte

    • Commerzbank “Premium” credit card
    • Up to €6000 / month credit line for cash withdrawals
    • This credit card is included in the premium account for 12.90/month.

    Click here to read our English step-by-step guide on how to open a Commerzbank Girokonto in Germany.

Commerzbank is a large German bank with hundreds of local branches in Germany. Their free Girokonto¹ is a debit account with no monthly fees, as long as you have a minimum of €700 in incoming transfers every month. In order to apply for one of the three credit card options, you need to open this bank account first. Use our English tutorial to open the account online. 

Key advantages of this German bank account include the large Cash Group ATM network of over 7,000 ATMs as well as the 24/7 customer support via phone or during normal working hours in their local branches. Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported, which makes easy to pay with your phone or smart watch.

After filling out the online application, you need to complete a quick identification process online via video chat, or offline at a local branch or local post office.

❗️ Promotion: Commerzbank currently offers a €50 starting credit (“Startguthaben²“) if you open their free Girokonto online and use the account for three months. You also need to agree to marketing emails or calls in order to get the starting credit. More information on Commerzbank’s website or in our step-by-step guide.

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Fees for the optional credit cards:

Yearly fee: €39.90 (ClassicKreditkarte), €99.90 (GoldKreditkarte), or €154.80 (PremiumKreditkarte, but this fee is for the premium account as a whole).
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee in Germany: 1.95% (€5.98 minimum) (ClassicKreditkarte & GoldKreditkarte), 12 withdrawals for free for the PremiumKreditkarte, after that 1.95% (€5.98 minimum)
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee outside Germany: 1.95% (€5.98 minimum) + 1.75% foreign currency exchange fee + 0.59% exchange fee to Euro (ClassicKreditkarte & GoldKreditkarte), 25 withdrawals for free for the PremiumKreditkarte, after that same as above
Foreign transaction fee: 1.75% (ClassicKreditkarte, GoldKreditkarte & PremiumKreditkarte)
  • Classic Credit Card

  • 39.90/ Year
    • For this credit card, you need to open a free¹ Commerzbank bank account (free with monthly incoming funds of at least €700)
    • You will get: €50 starting credit² for the bank account
    • Other options: Commerzbank Gold credit card & Commerzbank Premium credit card
    • Free Commerzbank debit card (Commerzbank Girocard)
    • Free unlimited cash withdrawals at over 7,000 Cash Group ATMs with the debit card
    • Apple Pay and Google Pay supported
    • Free unlimited cash deposits at Commerzbank ATMs
    • 24/7 customer support via phone and personal support at local branches


Commerzbank Girocard
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